From those who’ve experienced it.

“Tami provides a strategic partnership that will help you accelerate and maintain momentum as an individual or organization. She possesses objective diplomacy, combined with fog-cutting inquiries for needed, necessary or critical adjustments in process and culture.” Chris George, General Manager and Partner Subaru Mazda El Cajon

“Tami has the ability to strategize for long-term success while pushing for maximum performance in the short-term. Her emotional intelligence keeps the facts of the matter from getting blurred by personal sensitivities, and she will challenge you to do the same.” Mike LaBahn, Business owner, Author, Public speaker

“Tami brought focus where there was confusion and asked the kinds of questions that get real answers and real results! She was able to come in alongside what I was doing with my client and really amplify what we were doing. Tami has been an invaluable part of our team and I credit her direction with much of our recent progress.” Leah Lowrance, Owner LeLo Creative Management

When it comes to marketing there are hundreds of consultants that talk a good game.  Tami has helped me make it happen in the verticals we service. She has enabled me, coached me and given me confidence to share the Eyeball Marketing Solutions story widely. Her services are engaging, informative and bring me a huge advantage over my competitors.  Michael Dukes, Owner of Eyeball Marketing Solutions.