This is where your “alongside” story gets told.

We all have them.

Compelling intimate stories of impact someone has made on our life. Or the impact we have made on another. They could be a stranger we still don’t know the name of, neighbor we’ve lived by for six years but barely see, steadfast grand-parent who believed in us when we couldn’t even do that for ourselves, or any combination between.

Now is the time to:

  • Tell your story
  • Publicly honor that “someone” in your life
  • Pay their impact forward
  • Present your own evidence of the transforming potential and truth of “alongside impact”

Evidently Alongside is absolutely the place to do it!

Whether you’ve only poured out your story in a private journal, posted it on your own blog or need inspiration to start writing it, Evidently Alongside was created precisely for the purpose of sharing it. It’s never been only for my stories. Evidently Alongside is for all of us together. Because that’s how we live. Connected. Together. Alongside.

Just send me a quick message to get your “now” in motion!