Your Vision In Motion

Evidently Alongside exists to accelerate the motion of your professional and personal vision by removing hindrances that impede it.

Clients typically call on my services when the building blocks of their business have turned into stumbling blocks. My speciality is improving your world by advancing your vision.

Strategy. Accountability. Process development. Time management. Clear communication. Implementation and follow-through. Market differentiation. Team building. Asset management. Throughput. Leadership. Customer retention and satisfaction.

Whether long-established in big business, getting a fresh start-up underway or any level in-between, your building efforts will inevitably run into set backs, opposition, breakdowns, delays and beyond. It’s great evidence of growth, but getting stuck there isn’t an option.

Having worked in government, non-profit and private sectors, I’ve gained a broad mix of experience to directly benefit your efforts and success.  My strengths include:

  • Realignment and bridge-building between people, teams, departments
  • Asking hard questions that get to the core of the issue
  • Identifying connections between circumstances, people, problems, outcomes
  • Keeping focused on facts and removing subjectivity from the equation
  • Anticipating obstacles and developing strategies to get around or through them
  • Implementation and follow through
  • Conflict resolution

To facilitate a fast and full delve into the practical aspects of your business, as well as your vision and leadership style, I use a short-term immersion method of consulting. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing right now, that’s where I come in alongside. It’s a “walk and talk” approach. Comprehensive assessment with minimum interruption.

Do you expect your current stumbling block to simply work itself out?
Are you ready to start building again?
Are you willing to be pushed?

Send a quick note and we’ll get your vision back in motion. It’s your goal and my expertise.

© Photo by Howard Gunter | Wintercreek Photo