Significance Found

Guest Post by Amanda Cave

Every soul is longing to experience a love that says, “you are welcome here, you belong, you are desired.” 

Suburban Tears

For some internal reason, I couldn’t un-notice this man. Not wanting to later regret my inaction, I shifted from habit to deliberate and moved toward him.

Consumption List 2017

Goal 80

Customarily, digestion of books is vastly more paramount to me than their consumption rate.

A Father’s Switch

Gaetano and I traipsed through conversational ordinaries. Until we advanced into more preferred terrains, with slowing of pace and heightened engagement.


To protect the guilty, in this case, Trey’s name and California Department of Corrections number have both been changed. His crime and sentence have not. Double capital murder. Life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Without Knowing

Behind the glass display filled with gouged buckets of colorful goodness, an employee answered my request by grabbing a micro-sized plastic spoon and scooping out the Coco Loco sample.