Tami Ashland.  Thanks for joining me here!

While change is life’s forever dynamic and growth our preferred direction, we may as well go ahead and engrave “Enthusiastic realist” on my tombstone now.  It’s who and how I’m proud to be with no variance on the horizon!

Evidently Alongside was created to acknowledge, document and honor the mutually inclusive reality of living life alongside each other. As we do so, we’ll elevate awareness of the power therein and challenge all of us to be intentional in our wielding of it.

The evidence is clear (feel free to quote me on this):

On both sides of every relational exchange, there are net positive gains or net negative losses. Deposits or withdrawals. Neither person remains the same.

In a world where you can treat everyone as though they are hurting and be right the majority of the time, let’s go for the gains!

© Photo by Howard Gunter | Wintercreek Photo